For the love of your teeth. With love for nutrition.

We are a small, passionate team concerned with your health and well-being.

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Dollard-Des-Ormeaux Dental Clinic

The dental office D is located in the Faubourg Dollard-Des-Ormeaux on Des Sources Boulevard, corner Hyman, three blocks north of Highway 40, in the West-Island. We are located on the second floor, above the TD bank and an elevator makes us accessible to all. The entrance is located on the left side of the building, next to the TD Bank's drive-thru.

We are a small, passionate and friendly team concerned with your health and well-being. The clinic is designed to feel comfortable and inviting. We are obsessed with cleanliness and safety. Our high tech equipment coupled with our dedication to offering world class dentistry will help us create beautiful, comfortable and long lasting smiles.

notre mission

Our mission is to make you smile

Smiles, health and well-being start with our habits and our way of life. We are no longer trying to survive. We want to thrive! Whether you are looking for a beautiful smile, a healthy mouth or a healthier lifestyle, we will be happy to help you. In fact, our philosophy is centered on the scientific principles of a healthy lifestyle. We know that certain habits help us increase our quality of life and our longevity. We also know it’s a jungle out there, filled with misinformation and confusion.

So we are continually improving our knowledge and techniques and updating our technology to offer you a wide range of uncompromising dental care and to support you in your efforts to live a healthful, fulfilling life.

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The four pillars of a healthy lifestyle

According to The American College Of Lifestyle Medicine, there are four pillars of health:

nutrition végétale

Whole foods plant-based nutrition

exercice physique

Daily exercise

gestion de stress

Stress management through meditation

support émotionnel

Emotional support from family and friends

These principles are scientifically supported and give us enormous power over the destiny of our health. If this topic interests you, Dr. El-Samra will be happy to guide you in learning and applying these principles.

ressources et recommandations

Resources and recommendations

Here are some science-based nutrition documentaries that can be found on Netflix or YouTube:


Dr. El-Samra and the team at D Dental Office are pleased to offer you advice related to your oral health. It is our mission to help you maintain a healthy smile.