Dental emergencies

Dental emergencies

The D Dental Office offers dental emergency services.

If you have dental pain, give us a call and we'll do our best to see you that day for relief. We always take the time to diagnose the precise source of the pain and offer you the best solution.

An emergency exam often begins with a detailed questionnaire to collect all the information needed to determine the source of the pain. We often need to take one or more x-rays to fully assess the situation.

Severe tooth pain is often caused by decay that has reached the nerve of the tooth, by infection, or by a broken tooth. We can often treat you the same day to fix the problem causing the pain.

dental emergencies

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    If the pain comes from a cavity that has reached the nerve of the tooth we want to keep and restore and we feel we are able to treat you the same day, we will start the root canal treatment.

    This is a treatment called a pulpectomy which involves anesthetizing the tooth well to make sure that you do not feel anything and to access the internal spaces affected by decay and remove the painful tissue. A special medicine and a temporary filling are placed on to close the access cavity until the next appointment. This treatment is quick, painless, and will provide temporary relief until you can schedule an appointment to finish the root canal.

    If the pain comes from a problematic tooth that we do not want to keep, either because it is a wisdom tooth or because it is not restorable, we can decide to extract the tooth the same day.

    However, an infection may not allow us to treat you immediately and we may have to give you medication and wait a few days before we can treat you painlessly, during a later appointment. In any case, we will do everything possible to relieve the pain as quickly as possible.


    Dr. El-Samra and the team at D Dental Office are pleased to offer you advice related to your oral health. It is our mission to help you maintain a healthy smile.