Dental Implants

The arrival of dental implants has revolutionized modern dentistry. The first dental implant was successfully placed in 1965 and since that time technique, technology and design have made significant advancements and improved results, ease of execution and increased success rates. Implants are the best option for replacing missing teeth, in most cases.

Dr. El-Samra has been placing Bicon implants since 2003. He uses the Bicon Implant System, a system that stands out from the crowd in several ways. Bicon's design allows us to place them in areas where bone does not allow it for other systems. In fact, Bicon’s short implants help us avoid bone grafts in cases where they would be needed for other systems.

D In addition, the connection between the implant and the Bicon crown makes the impression and delivery procedure so simple that the results are all the more predictable, aesthetic and durable in the long term. The Bicon design makes the procedure enjoyable for the dental team and the results delightful for the patients.

The advantages of the dental implant

The implant most closely approximates the feel of a natural tooth than any of the other replacement options (fixed bridges and removable dentures). Implants have contributed immensely to the quality of life, confidence, comfort and health of patients who have lost their teeth.

Another significant advantage of the implant is that it prevents the resorption of bone that occurs naturally after a tooth is extracted. In fact, the bone around a tooth resolves naturally after it is extracted. This causes the bone in the area to deteriorate and recede (loosen) the gum tissue around adjacent teeth. Placing an implant prevents this process and preserves bone tissue and gum level.

Types of restorations on Bicon implants

We offer several ways to replace teeth with implants. This depends on the number of missing teeth.

Option 1 :

The implant crown replaces a single missing tooth. In this case, each missing tooth is replaced by an implant and its own crown. It is a simple, predictable and comfortable procedure that takes two thirty-minute appointments (in addition to the implant placement procedure). At the first appointment, we uncover the implant and take a three-dimensional digital scan of the dentition. We place a temporary healing abutment, which allows the gums to heal properly. We send the digital scan to the laboratory to make the crown.

One month later, when the crown is ready, the healing abutment is removed, the crown is carefully adjusted, and inserted into place. Such a restoration is expected to last a lifetime if the occlusion is equilibrated and if it is well maintained on a daily basis with good oral hygiene, adequate nutrition and healthy lifestyle, without smoking or excessive alcohol consumption.

Option 2 :

The implant bridge replaces three or more teeth. A bridge, as the name suggests, is the link between two or more implants. For example, three teeth can be replaced with two implants and a three-unit bridge; that is, an abutment on each implant with a pontic between them. You can even replace all the top teeth or all the bottom teeth with four implants and a twelve unit bridge. This is a technique commonly known as All-On-Four.

Option 3 :

The prosthesis on implants makes it possible to replace all the upper teeth or all the lower teeth thanks to 2 or 4 implants and a removable prosthesis. It is a less expensive option than the bridge, but more comfortable than a removable prosthesis without implants. If your prosthesis is bothering you and you are looking for a strong and comfortable option, a prosthesis with implants might be the best option for you. In addition, if you have a full top denture, the implants will allow you to completely uncover the palate, increasing the pleasure of tasting food while increasing the stability and comfort of the prosthesis.

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