Dental surgery

The D Dental Office also offers a wide range of surgical services from simple extraction to pinhole gum grafts.

Dental extraction

In cases where a tooth must be extracted, the D Dental Office offers this service. Of course, we don't like the idea of losing a tooth. But, there are cases where we have no choice, such as:

  • In the case of impacted wisdom teeth (which did not erupt completely).

  • When the gum and bone around the tooth are too destroyed (severe periodontitis).

  • When the tooth is too destroyed by decay.

  • When a fracture reaches the root of the tooth.

  • When a tooth with an old root canal treatment becomes infected again.

  • In orthodontic cases with severe overlap, where we need to create a lot of space to align the teeth, we sometimes choose to extract 4 premolars (the small tooth behind the canine), one on each side of the mouth.

It goes without saying that the team at the D Dental Office takes all necessary measures to ensure that each procedure is carried out comfortably and safely. We make sure that the tooth to be extracted is completely anesthetized and that you are comfortable throughout the procedure.

For those who are too afraid to receive the necessary care, we also offer the option of oral sedation, using medication, which greatly helps anxious patients to relax.

However, we may choose to refer you to specialists in maxillofacial surgery. For example, in cases where the teeth are too complex to be extracted by a general practitioner, when patients prefer to be sedated intravenously so that they cannot see or hear anything during the procedure, or if their medical condition requires expertise from a specialist.

We usually refer these particular cases to the Montreal Maxillo-Facial clinic run by Dr Alexandre Dosti and Dr Olivier Béchard. They provide exceptional service.

Bone graft

Bone preservation graft

In the event that we plan to replace a tooth to be extracted with an implant, we recommend a bone preservation graft. After an extraction, the bone around the extracted tooth may resorb (melt). Resorption of the bone around an extracted tooth is a normal physiological process. But, this can be a problem if you plan to replace the tooth with an implant.

the preservation graft would prevent bone loss, to allow us to place the implant a few months after healing. It is a simple and relatively inexpensive procedure that involves placing bon, obtained from a tissue bank, into the socket (the area left empty by the extracted tooth). This procedure must be done on the day of extraction. It can prevent the need for more extensive and expensive procedures after recovery.

Bone augmentation and sinus lift bone graft

In cases where we do not have enough bone to place an implant, we can perform a bone augmentation graft. It allows us to rebuild a good bone base to hold an implant securely over the long term. The D Dental Office offers this service for certain cases requiring minor transplants or sinus lifts. But, in more extensive cases, we must refer you to specialists. We can determine this during your complete examination.

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