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Dental Technologies

2D and 3D digital X-rays

Digital x-rays are now the norm in dentistry, as they allow for larger, clearer and more precise images with a fraction of the radiation, compared to traditional films. They allow us, therefore, to detect and better assess the condition of teeth, fillings and other important anatomical structures, instantly, without having to develop films in chemical solutions. So they are more eco-friendly too!

In addition, 3D x-rays, thanks to our Vatech machine, allows us to further increase the ability to diagnose, visualize, evaluate and plan treatments to better serve you. This wonderful diagnostic tool is used to better plan the placement of Bicon dental implants and the safe extraction of wisdom teeth, increase the success and predictability of root canals and more easily detect certain pathologies, which could save lives.

Oral Scanner

Forget the mess of traditional and bulky dental impressions! With our oral scanner, 3ShapeTM, we can easily, quickly and most importantly, comfortably get a digital 3D impression of your teeth, without those messy traditional impression materials. The precision is unmatched and errors are virtually eliminated!

Our 3ShapeTM scanner allows us to have a 3-dimensional image of your teeth and gums for treatments such as Invisalign orthodontics, equilibrated night guards, dental whitening, crowns on Bicon implants, bridges, partial and complete dentures and any other appliance that requires impressions.

Impressions obtained with the 3ShapeTM scanner are sent to the dental laboratory instantly over the internet, saving time and avoiding transport pollution. Laboratories get a perfect image of your teeth, so they can start processing your case faster and more accurately.

Cerec crowns, inlays and veneers

Cerec’ CAD-CAM technology has been around since the 1980s and has evolved considerably to provide patients with aesthetic and long-lasting dental restorations in a single appointment (after the initial examination and diagnostic appointment). Whether full crowns, inlays or veneers, Cerec dental restorations offer a solution without compromise.

The advantages of a Cerec restoration:

Aesthetic, solid and durable materials

With the new, even stronger material, called E-Max, we can create even more aesthetic and durable restorations by giving them natural and detailed shades and characterizations, to more precisely resemble your teeth.

E-Max ceramic dental restorations are stained, glazed and crystallized in an oven to make them aesthetic and strong,which adds twenty minutes to the manufacturing process. But, the aesthetic benefits and increased strength of the restoration are well worth the additional time.

Manufacturing in one appointment, instead of two (apart from the diagnostic appointment)

The manufacturing process is fairly straightforward; the dentist applies local anesthesia to comfortably prepare the tooth. He places a rubber dam and removes decay and old filling and gives the tooth a precise shape to receive a strong and lasting restoration. Then he takes an optical impression with the Cerec camera and perfects the 3D design of the restoration in front of you on a computer. When the design is finalized, the milling machine fabricates the piece of ceramic precisely from a special block.

The dentist then tries in the milled restoration on your tooth to make sure the fit is perfect. Then, in our laboratory, he gives it stains and a ceramic glaze that mimic your teeth and fires it in a specialized oven, to give it the ideal color, smooth finish and increased strength.

avantage d'une restauration Cerec
précision d'une restauration usinée

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