Invisalign Orthodontics

The arrival of Invisalign technology in the dental world has completely revolutionized the practice of orthodontics. It has enabled general dentists to offer a tooth alignment service to their patients. Indeed, most cases of malpositioned teeth can be aligned without resorting to traditional metal braces or the services of an orthodontic specialist. Of course, attention to detail and advanced training in orthodontics, occlusion and the Invisalign technique are necessary to ensure optimal results and Dr. El-Samra and his team are continually honing their knowledge.

Aligning teeth with Invisalign technology offers you several advantages:

  • More comfort for the patient, because we avoid brakets and metal wires

  • More aesthetics during treatment because the devices are practically invisible

  • More freedom and better hygiene because we have the ability to remove devices to clean teeth

  • More control and precision of movements as each step is digitally planned even before treatment begins

  • Less processing time. Since we have better control of the movements, we get the desired results in less time, an average of 12 to 18 months.

The process of Invisalign

The procedure is simple. The dentist assesses your teeth and gives you an estimate of the treatment time, costs and some important details to know. We then take photos and a 3Shape digital scan of your teeth. We send everything to Invisalign who creates an exact image of your teeth on a computer. Invisalign technicians virtually align your teeth and send their suggested treatment plan to the dentist. The dentist modifies and adjusts the treatment plan carefully to ensure that the best final, aesthetic and functional results are obtained.

When the dentist is satisfied with the digital treatment plan, he approves it and Invisalign manufactures a series of progressive aligners that will help us to gradually align the teeth. When we receive your aligners, we make an appointment with you to place them. We then place small white composite buttons on some of your teeth to help perform certain movements and properly retain the aligners. It takes around six weeks between the scan appointment and placing the aligners.

Each aligner moves the teeth slightly. You change aligners twice a week. We see you every two or three months to make sure everything is going well. So, at each follow-up appointment, you are given 16 to 20 aligners.

At the end of the treatment, when you and the dentist are satisfied with the results, you should continue to wear the last aligner for two months, to hold the teeth in place. We then remove the white buttons that were placed at the start of treatment. Then, the dentist performs an occlusal equilibration (balancing of the bite), to make sure that they close perfectly together. This step is essential for the comfort, harmony and stability of long-term results, as well as healthy teeth and joints. Bite balancing is included in every Invisalign treatment offered at the D Dental Office.

processus du traitement Invisalign
If you would like to know if you are a good candidate for Invisalign, call us for a consultation.

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