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at the D Dental Office in the West Island

We make beautiful, natural-looking veneers using high-tech artistry to restore confidence in your smile.

Consult: 40 min

If you have uneven or spaced, stained, chipped or worn down teeth, then veneers could be an excellent solution. The cosmetic dentistry care at D Dental Office in the West Island relies on state-of-the-art technologies and our long experience in handcrafting gorgeous-looking and natural-like veneers.



Visualization & Preview

We use the most advanced technologies and 3D imaging to produce a digital preview of your new smile.



Test out your new smile with temporary veneers and check with your friends and family how would your final look be.


Everlasting Smile

We make final adjustments and apply your permanent veneers to get you a perfect smile with natural-looking teeth you love.

D Dental Office | Veneers - Before D Dental Office | Veneers - After

Teeth that Veneers Treat

Get your teeth a makeover and a long-lasting smile.

Test drive your new look and prepare yourself for a big smile.

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