Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry


Dental veneers

Teeth whitening

Ceramic veneers

The ceramic veneers are made in the clinic using Cerec technology (see Cerec section). They take longer than composite veneers, but they last significantly longer, are more aesthetic and stronger than composite veneers.

During the fabrication of ceramic veneers, we need to place temporary veneers to ensure that we have a beautiful smile. These temporary veneers are easy to modify and allow us to refine the final shape of the teeth, to achieve the smile that meets your expectations.

We can, then, reproduce this shape, exactly, with the permanent facets using the shape of the temporaries as a reference. Cerec technology allows us to take the shape of the temporaries to make ceramic copies.

Composite veneers

Composite veneers are handcrafted by the dentist, directly on your teeth, they are a less expensive option than ceramic veneers, but they have a shorter lifespan. Composite veneers present a good solution to improve the color and shape of teeth involved in smiling that are discolored, fractured or worn.

The manufacturing process is identical to that of white fillings. They are done in one visit and are expected to last eight to ten years if the bite is equilibrated. Of course, if you grind your teeth at night, as many people do, an equilibrated night guard is essential to protect them.

Teeth whitening

At the D Dental Office we offer professional take-home whitening treatment with custom trays. In Dr. El-Samra's experience, this method is the most efficient for the investment, although it takes longer than chairside whitening.

Manufacturing process

For the professional take-home whitening, we take a digital scan of your teeth. We send it to the laboratory where we will manufacture custom whitening trays. These trays are used to precisely apply the professional whitening gel to the tooth surfaces visible when you smile. You come back a few days after the scan, when your trays are ready, and we show you how to apply the whitening gel.

We chose Poladay 9.5% hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening. An effective and reputable product.

You apply it for thirty minutes a day for two, three or four weeks, until you are satisfied with the results. Another advantage of professional home whitening is the fact that your custom trays will be used to do touch ups once or twice a year. Additional whitening syringes are available at our office for your semi-annual touch-ups as needed.

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